Whisper Magazine

June 2020 | Commission

True Mag Logo White_1.png

This was amazing to work on, and an absolute honour! Whisper Magazine showcase Artists of all sorts in the form of a Magazine. After the success of their first issue, they wanted to create a Lockdown Issue to interview Artists and show their work during the pandemic.

I was asked to create their magazine. Yes, I had constraints due to their design guidelines, however I made sure the issue was still fresh. This meant putting the content first, with enlarged images where possible and columns appropriately placed to flow around visual content. The Open Call pages have a piece of their work blown up to fit the page, using similar colours to their work, and the right-hand side page having their work uninterrupted.

As a thank you, they let me create the 'Coming Soon' page. As their second issue is on the way, I decided to experiment with the number '2', using different opacities, colours and placements to create a spread that reflects the Creative Industry.

I thank Whisper and wish them and those involved the best!

Keep note: I will not show the full magazine on my page. This is because it recently came out and contains content that was created by other Artists. However, I have included snippets to get a good idea as to how it looks like.