Workshop #3: Working together

Welcome to Week 3 of Design Directions, and this was a fun one!

I got the chance to collaborate with three other designers on a workshop based on thinking beyond the normal touchpoints.

We created Globies, which you have a cute light which the colour is the same as your friend's globie, connecting and feeling each other's energy. In addition, there are bigger globes (literal spheres) across cities and countries that all connect and have synchronised colours. Think of it as some weird Eurovision represented in spheres and colours!

The whole idea was brought together through the recent events of lockdown. Feeling detached from friends and family, and being distant from others. Globies allow people to connect through colour, feeling together even apart.

The workshop really helped to think beyond the obvious, and with the self-initiated brief on the horizon, I am now thinking about how lateral I can go, whilst communicating the idea successfully.

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