Workshop #2: Takes two to tango this tiger

Last week was probably one of the most important workshops. Funnily enough, I am not great at creating briefs, however, I am 20 years old and therefore my brief creation skills are going to be worse than the UK's recent Eurovision placings.

However, working with someone who is doing something similar has helped. A lot. Instead of going the toxic gay culture route, I decided to go with a topic that means a lot to me: mental health. My friends and family know that my mental health last year took a huge downfall (turns out lockdown number one was hard). Now, after 6 sessions of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, find out more here) and a load of antidepressants later, I understand my behaviour, emotions and feelings more. On the other hand, people might not, and not understand what mental health is really like. I feel it is time to tell my story and other people's story to educate those unfamiliar with mental health.

The workshop tasks, including telling my brief to my partner, talking to me about her brief, understanding our insights of our briefs, and even understanding the gaps/faults have helped tremendously. The thing is, I need to keep questioning my brief. Why am I doing this and what I am creating, how is it going to create a positive change? The audience is very broad, so of course the brief needs amending, however the more research I conduct, and the more ideas that spring to mind, I will get an even better sense of the audience I am targeting. And of course, I create an audience mind map that goes beyond the demographic targeting, but the hobbies they do, where they live, the chocolate they eat and much more.

I am really excited about where this is going to take me. I already have a few ideas in mind, including one that uses AR, the outdoors and sharing moments. It's 2021, we should be open, accepting and loving. Let's do this together.

(Audience mind map. See you next week!)

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