Reflecting on the summer

Hello! Welcome to my new blog, which is all about my journey and experiences as a designer. I shall write every day, sharing some thoughts, some quotes and maybe some advice here and there too. The blog and my mind write itself, so let's see what happens!

If there is one thing Coronavirus has taught me, it is to not take things for granted. Moving back down to Falmouth has taught me to socialise more, look after myself and let my design thoughts go wild. I have created minor designs to boost my design energy (Spotify covers) and the M&S logo revamp I created too, reflecting and reminding myself about the design process. It made me realise that for Second Year, I need to give it my all and make work that I am happy, and always put the person first, not the designer.

One thing I enjoyed doing was taking lots of photos, and I mean a lot of photos. I have taken photos of Gylly Beach, Swanpool, Pendennis, Church Cove, St Ives and more. I have used these for the Green Party Society pages actually. These pictures work so well with the Society content because of how it gives glimpses of Cornwall to the receiver and works really well with the Green Party's stance on the environment. Cornwall has so much to offer!

What was probably one of my proudest creations during the summer was the Lockdown Issue from Whisper Magazine. Of course, it was just putting people's content on a few pages, but to a designer, it means more than that. It is about dimensions, colour, composition and putting meaning and love into people's work. To be honest with you, I have never created a magazine before and took a few weeks to create, but I was able to retrain my InDesign skills and rethink how I place every element of the outcome. I have done some extra things for Whisper too which is yet to announced, and I am going to work on some more things with them in the future!

Now the 21st September has reached us, I am going to give it my all, reflecting on how the Summer has changed my perception on design further. I cannot wait to see where the new Academic Year takes me and become an even better designer. Now is the time to play, experiment and be brave.

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