Reflecting on Numbers

Before the Numbers publication, I created the Lockdown Issue for Whisper Magazine. This was something completely new to me, never done before, yet went successfully, mainly because I followed the brand guidelines whilst adding a twist to boost the creative energy.

This time, however, I was given complete control. I had to make the guidelines. But I felt the Lockdown Issue gave me a massive leap in the right direction.

The main thing was understanding each story, connecting with the emotions being conveyed, and thinking about how I communicate this in design. What colours do I choose? What are the type choices in mind? What layout should I use? All these became very clear in terms of the progression and journey of the draft design to the outcome that is now Numbers.

Although I have been using InDesign for just over a year now, there are still many features that I have never used which I did. Of course, I have always used guides, but using the Paragraph Styles properly became so useful that I will keep using it for projects like this. Understanding spreads and how they work for print is also a huge deal to get the magazine printed correctly. I am sure there are more features I have not even thought about that I now use in InDesign, and I am sure the list will keep growing.

This project was wonderful to work on, and has expanded my skills and knowledge, enhancing the techniques I know, and walking on paths I have never walked on before. You can check out the work on my website

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