Although the last two weeks were rather busy, it was crucial to fully understand how I need to present the brand I am working on to communicate what they do, communicate their story and also present them so it works for their demographic and reflects a positive brand experience.

As you might be able to guess from my website, branding is the part of the industry I want to work in. Being able to connect design on an emotional level fulfils my life and I am always interested in where branding leads in the future.

Learning more about audience a couple of weeks ago seriously helped and changed the way I see how I connect a brand with a consumer. I am used to thinking of audience as just the demographic, gender, maybe occupation and so on. But I never thought about the type of shop they purchase food in, type of car they might drive, would they have children (you get the picture).

This is when, as a group, we created a fictional family who would support a charity, specifically one who supports refugees in the UK, but has constraints in terms of costs and resources. I slightly altered mine, with looking at an age group of 30+, not necessarily someone who works for the NHS (that is too limiting) but possibly a supervisor or manager. This person may also live in a semi-detached house in the suburban area, possibly goes to Costa for a coffee in the morning, has two cats and possibly a dog. They might also be weary of the environment, so a Tesla or a hybrid car might be their go-to, or even just public transport.

Last week, however, is when I got stuck into brand language, and how it looks, feels and communicates. Refabula, a blended word consisting of Refugee and Fabula (meaning story in Latin), aims to tell the Refugee's story, not ours. They have gone through a life that no other could imagine, and now it is time for them to be heard, loved and cared for.

Because refugees might have language barriers, it is important there is a solution to this as well. The use of emojis and iconography has transformed the way we convey feelings and is rapidly becoming a new way to communicate. This is why Refabula will be adopting this and innovating further so refugees will be able to form a foundation in terms of communication. Alongside iconography, colour will also be highly analysed and used as colours convey different emotions and connotations.

Here is a PNG of Refabula for more information. Until then, happy reading!

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