Posters, typefaces and a fresh start to uni

Hello again and long time no see! This week has been rather busy not just in terms of the first week back at university, but having to move to a new house at the same time. However, it did not stop me from my passion, which is to design, create and make life easier for many people.

This week started with looking at two typographers named Josef Müller-Brockmann, who is a Swiss Graphic Designer who created a grid system and stated that his work is about inviting people in, not to be a timeless statement, and also Karl Gerstner, another Swiss Graphic Designer who believes that text is okay, but typography in an informal setting has greater meaning.

And you know what? Both those statements make total sense! Think about it, you do not want to alienate your target audience/receiver whatsoever when it comes to design, minding design is about people first, designers second! And at the same time, greater meaning to words opens your audience to new interpretations of your creation, convey new meanings, feelings and connect each word to what is said on the page. Thinking about point size, kerning, hierarchy and more adds new elements to what you create, it is just about how much you use, and whether it is relevant to the design you create.

I made a poster about Josef Müller-Brockmann and to be a bit more experimental, I went the opposite of what he did, to fully test to see what he meant. That is when I realised he was right and should follow what he said. I made the text look "pretty" but not as practical to read, and even if the aesthetic might be pleasing to some, why alienate your audience? Make it work for everyone!

Moreover, textworks began once more and we are looking at Brand Experience (woohoo!). We were mostly training ourselves in terms of poster analysis, including denotations and connotations. It was a great way to see not just the obvious, but the individual elements too. Thinking about the contrast between a wasp and a pudding, the use of colours, whether the poster is dynamic and what do certain fonts and type reflect upon. How should something be positioned on a poster? How does the mood change with a brand that targets a different gender, age, class and so on? Not only will these thoughts help with the essay, but also for day-to-day reflections with all my work.

Now is the time to relax and unwind until the new week begins. More awaits in the new blog post. See you then!

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