New Year, New University Module

Hello all! I hope you are coping with lockdown (again), but let's keep strong, keep going and making the best of ourself.

Last week was the start of the new module, Design Directions. Essentially, this is about creating my own brief to create a positive change through graphic design. Yes, creating my own brief.

This is something, like most in my course, has not done on this level before. We are used to thinking people first, designers second, and I am very used to designing for the people, the emotional attachments involved, and what the design is trying to communicate.

From the 6 hour online workshop which could have made me have another appointment at Specsavers, I really got to understand what issues I had problems with. The main one that week was toxic behaviours within the gay community, including body shaming and judging others for how "masc" they are and even more. For a community that screams equality and diversity, is it really when people within the community cannot accept each other for who they are?

Another is the retail space. When it was announced Boohoo acquired the Debenhams name but no stores and no jobs, that really angered me. To think of the greed and selfishness, impacting the High Street and the idea of physical shopping. How is this right, both morally and ethically? How should the retail landscape be changed through the power of graphic design? How can graphic design influence people to use the High Street?

Moreover, the brief idea creation process has helped tremendously, finding the smallest problem, ensuring the idea is as clear and concise as possible. This has also helped me understand if a brief is too big or too small. How can I make a positive effect on this? What impact will it create?

Last week was a great start to the new module, and so was this week's, although that will be discussed in next week's blog. Stay tuned! Bye for now.

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