I, Rosebush

Hello again! It is time again for another reflection of the week.

This week in the typography world, it was all about structure. On Tuesday, I looked at grids and layouts. How does content fit together? Can you create tension? Can you overlap? This all came into my head, rethinking the boundaries of typography and structure, and the relations within the text and the layout. You can check out my #500layouts on my Instagram page.

Analysing existing grids and layouts made me realise that I am looking at this all wrong. I was looking beyond the obvious, when instead I should look at the shape of each element. As a university student, I still have much to learn, so this will come in time.

As part of this, I was tasked to produce a piece of editorial design for "I, Rosebush". I began looking at circles and blossoms, as from the heading tells, it is about being with nature, but nothing I generated worked. Alternatively, I messed around with InDesign, experimenting with compositions, imagery and each element on the page, which led to my outcome.

I went the simplistic route, unlike some who might have went a bit more adventurous. The thing is, nature can be quite simple. You have the lush greenery, the scenic views and the gorgeous landscapes. Keeping things in control also works best for the receiver too. You have to consider these things...

Can the receiver get what is going on?
Is it relevant?
Can the receiver flow through the words easily?
Are all these elements necessary?

Yes, you can create wonderful work that looks pretty, but Josef Müller-Brockmann, one of the typographers I looked at, did not necessarily approve "pretty", rather he would have preferred designs that invited people in.

Although, I did add some elements that make the page pop a little bit. The title is grey and is behind the main text. Why? This is because nature overlaps with itself, and likes to be together with its elements. Second, this allowed for the main text to stand out more, and be the main focus, otherwise what is the point of having an article/story to tell? Is it really functioning to what it is?

You can check out the drafts below too. Thank you for now, be back soon!

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