IssueA Proper Size Experiment second art


University Brief | October 2020

My Second ever

For a university brief, I was tasked to create a magazine for Numbers, a magazine that brings diversity and design to the table.

This magazine was created with thought in mind. In the weeks that led to the outcome, I considered grids, layouts, rules and more when it comes to editorial design, which helped my ways of thinking and communicating the stories that must be told appropriately.

I chose two articles about abuse and death, hard-hitting subjects that require a huge amount of thought. The front cover is black with numbers behind. This is meant to represent how a person can be locked and isolated, yet the person inside is ready to come out and break the chains that are inside them.

Each article shares a similar feel, but has its own touch and personality. Whether that is a change in column styles, headlines and more, each article has been crafted to feel. This includes the domestic violence article that rises and falls in terms of column height, signalling how a domestic relationship can bottle and tense up, then finally trying to find a release somehow to get out of the toxic energy.