Marks & Spencer

Design Booster during the summer

To get myself back into the designing mood for university, I thought about doing a 2 week project which I redesign on of my favourite shops ever,

Marks & Spencer.

I began researching M&S' history and understanding their faults. For example, their current logo is too generic and does not have any proper relationship with their target audience, but also M&S are not inclusive in terms of engaging the younger demographic. I wanted to create a new identity that fits the history of M&S, yet also fits within the 21st century.

For the logo, I decided to bring back the calligraphic style from previous M&S logos in the past, alongside the iconic green colour which was taken away before. The '&' symbol bonds the 'Marks' and 'Spencer' names, tightening a connection and partnership between the company's founders. Ultimately, this reminds the target audience of their heritage and past, bringing quality and care to their customers.

Each department has a different colour/shade linked to be instantly recognisable for the customer. The headings use a typeface that works well with the contemporary aesthetic and connects well with the logo. Depending on the context, the heading typeface might change (for example, a condensed capitalised font would not fit the homeware department).

I have also created website and app mockups which are clean, simple and modern in contrast to the current app and website. The website puts the product and content first over everything, and the app makes interacting easier by the majority of the interactive elements at the middle and bottom. Shadow and colour are used appropriately to make interactions fun and easy.