Design Booster

Sometimes when I need to build more energy for designing, I like to create mini designs that don't mean as much of anything, but just for

a little bit of fun.

That's what I did today. I created an ultra quick packaging mockup for Dairy Milk (anyone who knows me in the studio knows I love a bit of choccy!). I started watching a video by Alice Thorpe and she was creating

her Dairy Milk packaging.

So I decided to stop watching around 5 minutes in to see what I could create, and comparing mine to Alice's. I will be focusing on the final design created by Alice, but we have both similarities and differences.

First is the typeface. The new 2021 packaging used a sans serif font that tries to be curvy and blocky at the same time. I don't think that works well! So I decided to go blocky as my background uses the chocolate chunks for a bit of texture. Funnily enough, Alice's background is somewhat similar, but uses the iconic glass and a half icon that is instantly recognisable. And we both used the same idea of the flowing milk!